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“ Transforming lives through education, medical care,
nutrition and Love”

So whos the hero Now!

Friday February 05 2016
This is the last of the stories on Tet Store. I hope you enjoyed. If per chance the idea touched you r heart and you have some extra funds we sure would appreciate it. The budget did not cover all the costs but that cant stop us right. You gotta... More

Can you manufacture such smiles?

Thursday February 04 2016
Thanks for coming back to read another entry! Truly I am overcome with emotion (I know many say; "again? What a surprise....) as I read these notes again. Truly this is so much more than a good idea. So much more. I know Hope is being given... More

It's so much more

Tuesday February 02 2016
Tet! Lunar New Year, recently I heard a friend compare it to Christmas and New Year's rolled into one. I would have to add Thanksgiving, 4th of July and birthday's too. In fact for many... More

Meet Y aka Baoy

Wednesday January 27 2016
Todays note is from another of our newest team members. Please enjoy meeting Baoy or as the team calls her "Y" (this time it was not me who gave her the nickname)   Here's "Y"     The time you make... More

Meet I.T. aka Thang

Thursday January 21 2016
Hope the New Year has begun well for all. As for our family we are doing well. Today note is from Thang whom I have "lovingly" given a the name I.T (mostly cause I had a hard time prouncing his name properly) Here's... More

Meet Suong and time for the Tet store!

Tuesday January 12 2016
Hope your holidays were great and things are settling down. They are in my home. My son is back at college and Kristina is back in school and I get to be her personal uber driver.... More

GIBTK Projects

How your donations have made an impact for these families and children.

405​ Houses Built
Cost to build $3,500.00 ea.

16 Kindergartens Built
Cost to build $15,000.00 ea.

582​ Heart Surgeries
$2,500.00 ea.

1227​ Orthopedic

$425.00 ea.

98 Eye Surgeries
$400.00 ea.

115,986​ Wheelchairs Delivered

761 Bicycles Delivered
$100.00 ea.

Pigs $175.00 ea.
Cows $750.00 ea.
Cows + Pigs Delivered 139 More


Project New Hope Kids Homes

Project New H.O.P.E. (Housing, Opportunity, Pride & Education)
Reports tell us that between 25%-30% of children living in Vietnam care facilities are malnourished. Read More

The Father's Home

Full funding for the Father's home in Danang (at present there are 6 moms and 6 babies) More

Hai Chau Childrens Home

Full Funding for Hai Chau since Mar, 08 (14 children) More

Mary's Home

Full Funding for Mary's Home since Feb, 2012 (15 children) More

The Lighthouse

Full funding for the Lighthouse in Da Nang (8 girls) More

Hal's Boys Home

Full Funding for Hal's Home since May, 2012
(19 boys and 6 children) More

Carmela's Home

Full Funding for Carmella's Home since August, 2012 (13 children) More