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“ Transforming lives through education, medical care,
nutrition and Love”

GIBTK Projects

How your donations have made an impact for these families and children.

405​ Houses Built
Cost to build $3,500.00 ea.

16 Kindergartens Built
Cost to build $15,000.00 ea.

570​ Heart Surgeries
$2,500.00 ea.

1188​ Orthopedic

$425.00 ea.

98 Eye Surgeries
$400.00 ea.

110,026​ Wheelchairs Delivered

757 Bicycles Delivered
$100.00 ea.

Pigs $175.00 ea.
Cows $750.00 ea.
Cows + Pigs Delivered 135 More


Project New HOPE Foster Homes

Project New H.O.P.E. (Housing, Opportunity, Pride & Education)
Reports tell us that between 25%-30% of children living in Vietnam care facilities are malnourished. Read More

The Father's House

Full funding for the Father's house in Danang (at present there are 6 moms and 6 babies) More

Hai Chau Childrens House

Full Funding for Hai Chau since Mar, 08 (15 children) More

Mary's House

Full Funding for Mary's Home since Feb, 2012 (17 children) More

The Lighthouse

Full funding for the Lighthouse in Da Nang (8 girls) More

Hal's Boys Home

Full Funding for Hal's Home since May, 2012
(19 boys and 6 children) More

Carmela's Home

Full Funding for Carmella's Home since August, 2012 (13 children) More

Human Trafficking

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